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title What is SLC ?
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E-mail samsan@lubecoat.co.kr  작성자 SAMSAN
What is SLC (Special Lubricant Coating)? 

SLC (Special Lubricant Coating) which execute unlimited potential

Presenting the prominent functions of SLC to the world

Since our foundation in 1994, We, Samsan SLC Inc, have been a coating and material development maker which adds special functions to various materials, and we have been providing special functions in vehicles, OA machine makers, and other various areas. We promise to continue our effort in new technology so the special function, + alpha, can help you for the product Development in the future. 

SLC coating is the general name of the high functional coating which our company has developed. SLC is a functional paint in which the solid lubricant or special additives are equally distributed in the resin liquid, and it enables adding various functions such as sliding, abrasion, adhesiveness, deterioration, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, etc. on any type of surfaces, (iron, plastic, rubber)

Technology instruction with perfection 
1. We evaluated various coatings, but there has been many requests such as (it lacks performance) (it needs more research) (we want to evaluate the SLC but we have no experience) (the price is worrisome), etc. Therefore we have recruited many technicians. We are running a technology instruction which covers development of coating material and providing coating know-how. 
experimental analysis system, and we apply the data into our development and product management. We have executed many experiments according to the request of the companies, and we provide the best quality of SLC to the world market. 
SLC Lubricant Coating 
■ Dry surface lubricant (Sliding grade)
Molybdenum Disulphide)  
It is the distributed grade of solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulphide, PTFE, graphite, BN, and it reduces the rubbing process which enables the functions of abrasion resistance, loading, chemical resistance according to the types of solid lubricant or binder. Also it can be applied to any materials from iron, rubber to plastic. This sliding grade is utilized widely in vehicle parts, OA machines, camera parts, electronics, textile machines, construction related works, etc. 
* Improvement on sliding (low rubbing process) * joint prevention (noise prevention) * lubricant in low, high load
* Initial implementation * improvement on durability (parts where refueling is difficult) * There is no risk of pollution nor risk of getting workers’ hands or cloth dirty since Grease or lubricant is different. 
* There is no spatter or leakage during the operation
* The lubricant can be applied in the atmosphere with wide range of temperature 
* improvement on durability * control of rubbing process
* It has superior rubbing and abrasion resistance compare to Tefron. 
■ surreptitious control grade
It is the grade from which the requested electric resistance is splice to the coating area. It is usually utilized in OA machine. 
* surreptitious, insulation, and control of electric resistance. 
■ water resistance non-cohesion grade 
It is a coating material grade for Water resistance, oil resistance, non-cohesion, pollution prevention. It is generally utilized in vehicle parts, OA machines, construction related works, home appliances. 
* Provision of water and oil resistance. * Non-cohesive
* Pollution resistance * Non-adhesive for low, high temperature

■ High clip grade 
It provides a high cut with sliding prevention on the surface of the coating.
It is utilized for OA related machines and vehicle parts. 
* provision of adhesion * provision of high rubbing process * Provision of cushion and flexibility 
Examples of SLC coating 
■ vehicle parts 
Engine parts: piston, cylind

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